Open Source Gendercodes

"Open Source Gendercodes" is a sci//art project attempting to create an open source steroid hormone production platform. The project seeks a functional outcome: a gender political power grab, an organ owner's manual, a hormoculture transdisciplinary transorgasmic queery. A biotechnical future for all requires active public engagement, open experimentation, and collective ownership of biological materials. As theorist Paul Preciado points out, “[n]o political power exists without control over production and distribution of gender biocodes… emancipation of subaltern bodies can be measured only according to these essential criteria: involvement in and access to the production, circulation, and interpretation of somato politic biocodes.”

OSG treats the status of “natural” as myth, and seeks to utilize available technologies to hack the gendercodes and biocodes which naturalize bodies. Nature has been (and still is) used to rationalize the oppression of groups of people, reinforcing structures of power and modalities of being. From ideas of women’s natural status as weak and emotionally inferior, to the labeling of homosexuals and the "sexually incongruent" as “unnatural”, to the classification of darker skinned peoples as animals and savages -- the binary rhetoric of naturality defines political validity. Feminist and LGBTQ movements quickly get trapped in the game of trying to prove their natural status, in attempts to gain power. The project seeks to push past binary understandings of naturality and uncover our performative and generative relationship to biology in the 21st century.

S C I F ~ H O R M O S T O R I E S

a recent history of hormones : string figures for situating gender hacking

Slides from a talk given at The Baltimore Underground Science Space on October 15th 2015

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